John Lowe, P.C.


State Courts of Practice

  • Superior Court of District of Columbia
  • District of Columbia Court of Appeals
  • All Virginia trial courts
  • Court of Appeals of Virginia
  • Supreme Court of Virginia
  • All Maryland trial courts
  • Maryland Court of Special Appeals
  • Maryland Court of Appeals
  • Other states’ trial courts — by associating  local counsel
  • Other states’ appellate courts — with  local counsel

Federal Courts of Trial Practice

  • USDC for the District of Columbia
  • USDC for the Eastern District of Virginia
  • USDC for the Western District of Virginia
  • USDC for the District of Maryland
  • (Also Member of Patent Bar  of USPTO)

Federal Courts of Appellate Practice

  • USCA for the DC Circuit
  • USCA for the 4th Circuit
  • USCA for the 8th Circuit
  • USCA for the Federal Circuit
  • United States Supreme Court

Other Places of Practice

  • University Discipline Matters
    • Honor trials
    • Disciplinary hearings
    • Expulsion
  • School Discipline Matters
    • Disciplinary hearings
    • Suspensions
    • Expulsions
  • Government Boards
    • Disciplinary hearings
    • Dismissals/firings
  • Military Courts
    • Courts-martial
    • Appeals