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Greatest compendium of great web sites


Great web sites

These are web sites I have found over several years, which are informativwe, funny, fascinating, and/or fabulous.  If you have some I should add, send me an e-mail at Code of Virginia et al.  MD Judicial search

— great Xmas e-mail (singing reindeer — click on each reindeer)  All you need to do is download the e-tran reader from (depo files in PTX format) search site MSBA Archives
 When you need to use the service, go to, click on Committee/Sections and then Listservs. In addition to the directions, there is a list of ALL MSBA listservs.       not your ordinary juke box travel      Miscellany Optical illusions     Miscellany Debunker Debunker Debunker English grammar rules wifi connection photograph program safaris safaris safaris safari  search your own hard drive with Google audio books leading retailer of imaging equipment at discount cooking gift baskets travel equipment and gadgets cashmere products NIH health Type in a key word and get song titles with that word.

Then click on the song title and get the complete words to the song. Mystery Writers of America Internet virus hoaxes spyware guide spyware guide garden catalogs travel info fitness fun sudoka brainteasers summer camps forward spam to this site for addition to filtering process The Legal Register  202-659-9240

Customer Service adds power to Google’s search capability Blog site     Very funny valuation guide for contributions Internet chess health what to eat Maryland Courts Watcher European apartments and houses lists of various insurers aerial photo, map, et al of houses  D.C. daily activities Compare rental car rates – US and abroad past issues of “the l.i.n.k.”     investigative site wine information Google for printing maps, et al.   Google offshoot  On-line nature guides  (click on health center)  latest health and medicine news. all-in-one guide to government services on-line Spanish lessons senior humor classic literature grandparenting on line bridge senior law issues prescription drug info senior travel ops disability resources brain food general reference web site Various state codes  Virginia Courts web site  Virginia Courts web site cars cars legal research starting point Full text opinions 50 states Public information judgments, real estate info, bankruptcy status medical research gateway National Library of Medicine access to Medline database Kelley Blue Book for cars Washburn U. Law School — good research site Law Journal site — good for legal news Hunt for people. Process servers. Subscription web site (also has “ Special clock Jokes  PI SOLs               Virginia casesearch website    Va.  general district court traffic and criminal dockets Montgomery County Maryland court administrative website