How To Get PR In Australia: A Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Australia is renowned for its stunning natural surroundings, cultural variety, and high level of life, making it the best location for anyone looking to relocate to a secure environment.

If you’re prepared to leap, the initial step towards realising your dream is to apply for an Australian permanent residency (PR) visa. There are solutions here if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

The Hansen Migration can assist family and partner visa specialists in applying for permanent residency in Australia in 2023 with this method, including:

Find Out If You Qualify

It’s crucial to ascertain your eligibility for the numerous visa alternatives before starting your PR application. There are various possibilities for Australia PR visas, each with a unique set of requirement:

  • (Subclass 189) Skilled Independent Visa
  • (Subclass 190) Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Occupational Nomination Scheme Visa (subclass 186)
  • Visa for Regional Sponsored Migration Programme (subclass 187)

You must evaluate your eligibility according to elements like your age, English language ability, credentials, and job experience to choose the visa type that is most appropriate for you. The Australian government offers an online tool to assist you with which visa is best for you.

Add Up Your Points

When determining eligibility for visa alternatives, the Australian PR point calculator considers several characteristics, including age, education, job duties, and English language competency. Each category has several points, with a minimum needed to qualify for the visa.

Assemble your papers

The following action you should take after getting a visa application invitation is to assemble the necessary paperwork. Examples of supporting documentation include your passport, academic transcripts, job references, and other documents. All papers must have validated translations into English before submission.

Application for a Visa

You can submit your visa application after you have all the required documentation. Ensuring the information is correct and essential because the application process may be difficult and time-consuming. Any errors or omissions may cause delays or possibly the rejection of your visa application.

Await the approval of your visa.

The waiting time will receive a PR visa varies based on the kind of visa, the applicant’s unique situation, and the number of applications under processing. It is crucial to monitor the state of your application using the online method for the Australian government and submit any necessary updates or documents as soon as possible to prevent delays.

Change your location to Australia.

You may live, work, and study in Australia unlimited period and access social security and healthcare benefits if granted a PR visa. You are nonetheless required to pay taxes and abide by Australian laws, and you can be qualified to seek Australian citizenship following the requirements for residency.

The Hansen Migration experts have successfully assisted thousands of individuals in migrating to Australia by offering direction and assistance all along the way. They may assist with determining eligibility, calculating points, and submitting an application. They are specialists with suggestions to improve their chances of success and overcome obstacles.

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