John Lowe, P.C.

Personal Injury

I have represented many personal injury clients ranging from relatively minor injuries to catastrophic ones.

A good example occurred in Richmond, Virginia, where a city bus (Greater Richmond Transit Company — GRTC) driving down Cary Street, a narrow street on Richmond’s west end, cut to the right without looking or signaling and knocked a bicyclist off his bike.  The man fell under the rear wheels of the bus and was run over.

The injuries were compound and severe.  His internal organs and connecting tissues were crushed.  Miraculously, his spine was not injured.  In the hospital repairs were made by repeated surgeries.  Despite best medical efforts, he developed gangrene in his buttocks and significant debridement was required.  He had major long term loss and disability.

Eventually, he was able to walk again, but required a special cushion for sitting.  Of course, he could not ride a bicycle again, though he had been an avid cyclist.

The GRTC refused to make a reasonable settlement offer.  The medical expenses had risen to over $250,000.00 but the most they offered to settle was $500,000.00.   I brought in Richmond attorney Donald McEachin as co-counsel and we prepared for trial.

We had a jury trial in the Circuit Court for the City of Richmond.  The trial went very well with an experienced judge, Hon. Theodore Markow.  The GRTC lawyer raised her offer to only $600,000.00 to settle while the jury was out.  I told her she made my job easy with a low ball offer like that.  We rejected the offer.  Looking into the eyes of my jurors as I made my final argument, I felt that they agreed that GRTC was liable.  Shortly after that the jury returned with an award of $7.6 million and Judge Markow upheld the verdict.

Personal injury cases are usually taken on a contingency fee, where there is no fee charged unless I make a recovery for the client.  Sometimes I join another lawyer or law firm from the local area of the trial, to assist me and to gain insight into the jurors’ perspectives.