7 Ways to Resolve Family Conflict with a Lawyer

Family relationships are as complicated as romantic relationships. You can see grown-up children harbouring hate towards their parents or siblings having a rivalry. Your uncles and aunts may also fight over land ownership. What makes it more toxic is that you are their family members, but it seems they do not consider you as someone blood-related. Worse, you may even have a legal battle with a family lawyer in Singapore.

Due to pride and greed, they can destroy the entire family and unfortunately, you may cut your contact with them. Break-ups can emotionally damage you, but it hits different when it is your family members, especially your parents. Although conflicts are inevitable, it is better to learn how to handle relationship complications.

Save your family from breaking apart by learning how to handle conflict as a mature person. So, continue reading to know how family lawyers hendersonville tn can help reconcile your family.

How to Resolve Family Conflict with a Lawyer

Family conflicts can make or break your relationship with the people close to your heart. You may have misunderstandings with your parents. But because of pride, no one admits mistakes. If this goes for years without communication, your wounds and traumas will eat you alive and make your heart blind to what you should do.

Before it is too late, try to reconcile with your parents, siblings or cousins by learning how a family lawyer in Singapore can help you.

1) Determine the Problem First

If you want to resolve a conflict, you must determine the problem first before taking action. Making rash decisions can only make the situation worse! So, be mindful of your next steps as it can worsen the conflict if you do not think carefully. The first step you must look into is the root cause of the problem.

What is the cause of the family conflict?

  • Your uncles and aunts are fighting over land ownership
  • You are planning for a divorce
  • Partners arguing over child custody
  • family members are fighting over inheritance

You must find a probate lawyer in Singapore if this is the case. After determining the problem, you can now take action that leads to reconciliation.

2) Focus on the Problem, Not the People Involved

Give people some slack because some are unaware of their actions. Perhaps, they have traumas and harboured feelings that can influence their decisions. Although they are responsible for their actions because they are an adult, you can never go wrong by being understanding.

The key here is to look at the bigger picture. Think of your family conflict as a huge painting. If you only focus on a part, you will ignore essential areas that are crucial for your case. So, focus on the problem, not targeting your family members during the legal dispute.

It is much better to partner with a family lawyer in Singapore to help you handle the case for a better outcome.

3) Get to Know Family Law

Reading more about family law in Singapore can also help you make the right decision during a legal battle. Reading more about the law can give you the knowledge for better understanding. This way, you can pick the right decision and prevent the worsening of the family conflict.

You can also ask for help from your family lawyer to understand jargon and passages if you find it complicated. Your lawyer can also help you strategise how to resolve the conflict and win the legal battle for the appropriate purposes.

4) Keep a Calm Tone

When talking to your family members, make sure you have a calm tone to prevent triggering them into an argument. Try to keep a soft voice when speaking up about your side. This way, other family members can understand your opinions regarding the topic. Yes, it is hard to keep your composure, especially if agitated.

The thing you must do is relax first before facing the opponent. You can also bring your family lawyer to Singapore for a support system. As much as possible, you must listen to your family members with an open heart and understanding to resolve the conflict. Nonetheless, it can help you solve the problem and perhaps reconcile at the end of the legal battle.

5) Avoid Dragging Other Unrelated Issues

Unearthing traumas and grudges can make you bring unrelated issues to the current legal battle. It is unnecessary because it can only make the situation worse! To avoid this, focus on the current legal problems to prevent more conflicts. You can let the family or probate lawyer speak if you feel emotional during the trial.

Sometimes, it can also go physical and cause you harm. If this is the case, find a personal protection order in Singapore to be safe against attack or physical injuries. As such, you can ensure your safety and rest assured that you will receive the justice you deserve.

6) Brainstorm Solutions

Instead of arguing over the problem, you can focus on brainstorming solutions with a family lawyer in Singapore. Find ways to improve the conflict instead of worsening it with unnecessary arguments. You can have a civil talk with other family members by setting up a meeting. For instance, you can talk about how to have a fair distribution of inheritance among all siblings.

You can also consider settling the conflict according to family law in Singapore to avoid more problems. This way, you can prevent more legal disputes in the future. Hopefully, you can also reconcile with your family members.

7) Acknowledge Other Opinions

Most importantly, you acknowledge other people’s opinions when resolving disputes. Listen to their wants and needs before deciding with your family or probate lawyer. This way, you can prevent more misunderstandings and resolve the case by adhering to family law in Singapore.

When you consider their opinions, you can have a better decision-making process because it respects your side and the opponent’s wishes. Eventually, everything will have a positive outcome.


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