9 reasons your SSD claim was denied in Florida

If you are disabled by a physical or mental condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who apply for SSD benefits are denied at the outset. If your application for SSD benefits was denied, you still have options. The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey can assist you with your next steps.

Denials of SSD claims are common for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most prevalent grounds for the denial of SSD payments that are seen include:

1) On the application forms, there were errors or erroneous information.

2) You could not be established a qualifying disability due to a lack of medical proof. Despite the fact that the Social Security Administration will ask for your permission to receive your medical records, the examiners assessing your application may not be able to obtain all of the necessary documents.

3) Disability is not predicted to endure for more than 12 months or result in death.

4) If your disability is caused by alcohol or drug addiction, it would be resolved if you stopped abusing drugs or alcohol.

5) The applicant’s physical or mental inability was untreated, or he or she did not follow through with prescribed treatment. If you do not comply with your treatment instructions, the SSA may conclude that you would be able to work if you had sought and completed treatment. However, you may explain that you didn’t have treatment because you couldn’t afford it, had a legitimate religious objection to it, or a second medical opinion advised against it or said it wouldn’t fix your issue.

6) You were unwilling to comply. If the SSA is unable to contact you during the review process, if you fail to produce further documents or information when required, or if you do not present for a consultative medical examination when requested, your application may be summarily rejected.

7) If you’re seeking Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, you’ve exceeded the income/asset thresholds.

8) If you’re filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments, you don’t have enough job credits or recent work history.

9) You were convicted of a felony that prevents you from receiving benefits while you are incarcerated, or your impairment occurred due to your criminal action.


Many of the causes for disability benefit denials can be traced back to errors that could have been avoided with the help of a professional.

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