Do Not Let A Slip And Fall Accident Ruin Your Holidays This Winter!

While slip and fall accidents can happen all year round and do not depend on the weather, the winter season witnesses a significant increase in such accidents. While walking on the streets or anywhere else outdoors during the winter, you should beware of icy patches. The roads and sidewalks are full of slippery icy surfaces.

Nevertheless, you can decrease your chances of an accident when you become alert to why and when these accidents occur most. Then, you should practice some useful measures to avoid getting injured in a slip and fall accident. If you have already been wounded due to someone else’s fault, speak to a slip and fall lawyer in Jersey City

Prevention is key

The best way to avoid slip and fall accidents during the winter season and save your holidays is by becoming aware of the different ways an accident can happen and then adopting preventative measures. Knowing the risks and how to tackle them can keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. 

  • Wear proper shoes, ones meant for walking on icy and slippery paths. Wearing rubber shoes or heels can increase the risk. 
  • Avoid carrying heavy packages which cause your body to disbalance while walking on slippery surfaces. 
  • Use handrails, door handles, walls, or any other object for support whenever you can.
  • Do not walk outside on slippery roads or streets while keeping your hands in your pockets. Keep your hands free to protect yourself in case of a fall. 
  • Strictly avoid running on icy, wet, and slippery surfaces. 

It is noteworthy that older people are at an increased risk of falling and injuring themselves than younger people. If you are old, perhaps above 50, do not hesitate to ask for help. If you are walking with your family or friends, ask them to hold your arm. If not, strangers will be more than willing to help you cross a slippery surface safely. 

What to do if you are already injured?

If you are already injured by a surprising patch of ice this winter season, there are some immediate measures you should take. 

  • Check whether you are able to get up. If you are, visit your doctor immediately for a check-up. If you cannot get up and are in pain, ask someone to call the ambulance. 
  • If you have hit your head, try to keep your eyes open until the ambulance arrives. You may be experiencing a concussion. 
  • Notify your attorney. 
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