How can DUI affect my academic career?

You may take the risk of driving while drunk after a party, but you surely will regret the consequences that come with it; if you are stopped while drunk driving, you will be detained and penalized under DUI law (Driving Under Influence). DUI has severe penalties and impacts your life, especially in your career-building stage. DUI convictions can take away your driving license and vehicle rights and burden you with a huge fine and sometimes jail time. But apart from these, it can impact your education too. Hence it is always better to face these cases with the help of an experienced attorney like the Holcomb Law, LLLC. Here are some impacts on your academics if you are convicted of DUI.

Financial Aid and Scholarship

If you are found guilty of DUI, many funding organizations may stop helping you with funds, and your college may take away your scholarships and any other financial awards. A DUI might be a huge burden to you if your college decides to end your financial support after you are charged for DUI.

Losing Attendance and Suspension

Some colleges can even suspend or expel you if you are guilty of DUI. A DUI can get you in jail for a minimum of 48 hours and take away your license. You may not be able to enter the college campus after being penalized. Sometimes schools even take away your attendance, and you might be prevented from entering your campus.

Future opportunities

A DUI record can prevent you from getting jobs after college or hamper your higher education. Many government jobs and even private job companies usually check your legal record and might not give you a job if you have a DUI. A student must disclose his DUI record while applying for higher education and jobs. Even if his application might not be rejected only for DUI, it can be rejected on other grounds associated with DUI.


Not only will your current studies be affected due to your DUI records, but most job companies and graduate schools check your background record, and you might be deprived of many future opportunities because of your DUI record. So although it may sound fun to drink and drive, the consequences are not worth it. If you have been accused of DUI and need help facing your case, hiring an experienced dui lawyer santa rosa ca, is advisable.

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