Seattle’s Top 5 Personal Injury Myths Exposed

The process of filing a personal injury claim can be complicated due to many myths and misconceptions, which make it even more challenging. A personal injury attorney in Seattle can greatly assist you throughout the duration of the claims process. Consider hiring the best lawyer in the market at The Walthew Law Firm.

Read on to have 5 myths about Seattle’s personal injury claims busted.

If you were even slightly at fault, you still can’t file a claim, right?

Many people wrongly assume they cannot make a personal injury claim if they were partially responsible for their injury. Yet, this is not the case. Claims can be filed in Washington state regardless of who is to blame. If you are found to be somewhat at fault, any awarded compensation will be reduced proportionally.

False Assumption: You Should Get an Attorney Straight Immediately

You should see a personal injury lawyer cookeville tn as quickly as possible following an accident, but it doesn’t mean you have to hire one. As a matter of fact, lawsuits are unnecessary for the settlement of many personal injury claims. Nonetheless, you should go to a lawyer as soon as possible to safeguard your rights.

False Assumption: Insurance Companies Will Provide a Reasonable Settlement

Because they are for-profit enterprises, insurance firms may frequently propose an insufficient settlement to limit their financial exposure. In order to secure a satisfactory settlement from the insurance company, it is crucial to have an attorney on your side to negotiate on your behalf.

False Assumption: Personal Injury Cases Take a Lot of Time to Sort Out

A personal injury suit settlement may be reached swiftly in certain cases, while in others it may take years. The length of time it takes to resolve your case is highly variable and is tied to the nature and severity of your injury.

False Assumption: There Are No Valid Personal Injury Claims

Many sometimes wrongly assume that those who petition for personal injury do so merely to cash in on the system. Nonetheless, many people file personal injury claims because they have been gravely wounded and require financial assistance to meet their medical bills, lost earnings, and other damages.

Finally, personal injury cases in Seattle are plagued by a number of common misunderstandings. Getting legal advice after you’ve been hurt in an accident is crucial for protecting your rights and obtaining a fair settlement.

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