5 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Car Accident Attorney

Getting compensated for the injuries as well as other losses after a fatal accident might be hard. You will need to hire a very experienced auto accident attorney san diego ca to represent your needs in settlement negotiations with an insurance firm.

It is advisable to file a case after consulting a lawyer. But before you enlist the services of a car accident lawyer San Antonio TX, there are several questions you will need to ask. Some of these questions are:

  1. How Long Can the Resolution of My Case Take?

If you have suffered severe injuries after a car accident, you can be surprised to see your medical costs increase. Your financial status can be precarious if you can’t return to work after the accident.

It is vital to ask your lawyer how they believe it can take to completely resolve the case. Of course, several factors may impact how long the case will take. Though most reliable lawyers will give you an estimate.

  1. What Are Your Charges?

This is among the most important questions you must ask a potential car accident attorney. You need legal support from a car accident lawyer, but perhaps you are afraid of legal bills if the case doesn’t turn in your favor.

Like other personal injury attorneys, many car accident lawyers work based on contingency. This means they get paid when you win your case.

  1. What is Your Experience?

Although this question can be answered through an internet search, you will need to directly ask a potential lawyer about his/her experience in the field. 

In many cases, you might need an attorney with many years of experience, knowledge, and resources to offer you the best results. You need to inquire as well whether they have prior experience in representing cases like yours.

  1. Will the Case Go to Trial?

If you may settle your case with the negligent party’s insurance firm, it will be more favorable for both parties to get involved.

Settling the case before taking it to trial will accomplish two main objectives. These include getting cash in hand sooner and saving you cash on the legal fees.

Plus, since the negligent party’s insurance firm understands the need to save on legal fees where possible, they will try to settle the case out of court.

While no attorney can see a case’s future, you need to ask them whether your case is strong enough to be resolved out of the courtroom.

  1. What is Your Past Track Record of Successfully Dealing with Cases?

You have to ask your potential attorney to determine if they are a perfect fit for your case. Normally, car accident cases are complicated, making it necessary to look for someone who can represent you well.

After you learn about the outcome of the previous car negligence claims, you will get an insight into the kind of cases that the attorney has won and dealt with.

Closing Remarks!

Trusting a legal representative to fight your legal battles is not simple. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most challenging things you do after you get involved in a car accident. This is why asking some of these questions is important to determine whether the potential is a good fit for your case.

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