Here’s how a New Jersey DUI lawyer can help

When charged for driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be worried for your life. You are not wrong, considering fines and sentences for DUI in New Jersey are pretty harsh. This is not the time to experiment or learn about strategies to defend yourself. You definitely need legal help, and in this post, we discuss how a New Jersey DUI lawyer can help.

  • Ensure your rights are not violated: Unfortunately, officers don’t always follow the protocols for DWI and DUI arrests. For instance, the officer should have probable cause to ask you to pull over. The circumstances are different for each situation, and therefore, it is essential to know whether your rights were violated. You should also be advised on Miranda rights after being taken into custody, and if all that was ignored, your lawyer can fight for you.
  • Review the tests: Officers can ask you to take standardized field sobriety tests, which will check whether you can count background. They can also ask for a Breathalyzer test to check your blood alcohol levels. If the officer didn’t have enough experience or expertise, the outcome of field sobriety tests may not be accurate. In fact, officers often make mistakes with breathalyzers. If that was your case, your lawyer can challenge the charges against you.
  • Check specific details: Were you on medications or taking prescription drugs that could have altered the readings? For instance, people with certain neurological conditions may not be able to walk normally, but the outcome is negative for field sobriety tests. If there are similar issues with your charges, your lawyer will fight to get them dismissed.
  • Get the best outcome: Eventually, you want the best possible outcome when charged with DUI and a lower sentence. With years of experience, criminal lawyers know what it takes to fight for clients. Just a reduction of the fine could be a substantial financial blessing in disguise for many people.

Finding a good lawyer

Not all DUI lawyers are the same. You should look for expertise and experience when sorting attorneys, and at the least, you should meet a few to know what they can do for you. Many law firms in NJ don’t charge a hefty fee and may even offer free consultations. Check the ratings of a DUI lawyer before hiring them, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions unique to your case and circumstances. Call top law firms to know more. 

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