Tips to Become a Private Investigator 

Maybe you’re a police officer trying to gain a second career after 20 years on the force. You might think about getting into private investigating. Quality experience in law enforcement and other related fields can help you prepare for the gig. Here are some tips to become a miami private investigator.

What Type of Private Investigator?

If you want to be a private detective in Phoenix, think about what field you think you’d work best. You have many options to choose from to help you lean into a niche. When you have an idea of what you want to pursue, that will determine the level of training and education you need to get proficient.

Here are some areas you should consider in the private investigating field. 

  • Cyber extortion
  • Crimes against persons
  • Personal family investigations
  • Workers compensation fraud
  • Art and jewelry theft
  • Brand protection

The list goes on with private investigating. Various brands from business, law, and technology need quality detectives to help them stay ahead of the game. Companies may hire you on an as-needed basis or a contract for a year if the company is going through a corporate restructure. 

Become Qualified 

Always know the state requirements. Some states license you from your real-world experience and educational background. You might have a criminal justice degree and spent years in law enforcement and the military. 

You can cut down the number of hours you need for private eye classes when you have more experience. Also, they may waive your exam. However, other states have stricter guidelines to follow. 

Find out the best places to take classes (in-person and online). Take some jobs that allow you to build experience to help you become more comfortable in this field. You might want to consider brushing up on your coding or cybersecurity skills. 

You might have a client that needs a background check on someone, which requires more modern and technical skills. 

What’s Your Reason for Becoming a Private Eye?

You might want to become a gumshoe because it allows you more flexibility to choose the jobs and hours you work. Maybe you like to help people in their time of need. When you have a reason for pursuing this field, you feel more motivated to do the groundwork to get a license. 

Choose a career in private investigating to give you that second career start later in your life. 

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