Reasons to consult a lawyer for Bakersfield motorcycle accident claims

It is common for motorcycle accidents in Bakersfield to result in devastating consequences and catastrophic injuries. As a motorcyclist, you are more likely to suffer grievous injuries that someone in a car. Following an accident, victims often do not seek compensation for their injuries because they are not sure of the legal options. Talking to one of the top Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers can help in these circumstances. In this post, we are sharing five reasons to consult an attorney. 

When your injuries are severe

In California, you are entitled to a settlement even if you are considered at fault. Your eventual settlement would be a lot higher when you have sustained severe injuries, such as multiple fractures, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and disfigurement. An attorney can help evaluate the worth of your motorcycle accident claim and will ensure that you don’t settle for the first offer. 

You have a share in the fault

As mentioned above, California is a pure comparative fault state. While you can sue the other at-fault party even with a higher fault share, your fault will determine the final settlement. For instance, if you were given $50,000 for your injuries and losses and your fault share is 10%, you will only get $45,000 as the final settlement. The insurance company will do its best to shift the blame or offer a lower settlement with your fault as an excuse. 

You need experience and expertise

It is often hard for people to negotiate with claims adjusters. These professionals are often extremely smart at denying and delaying claims and often try bad faith insurance tactics. For instance, they may make you sign consent forms that allow them to look at your medical history. Don’t let the insurance company fool you – Get an attorney with experience and expertise to fight the battle. 

When a trial is inevitable

Most motorcycle accident claims in California are settled outside of court. However, if the other party denies their role in the accident or your claim is denied for unethical reasons, you may want an attorney to file a lawsuit. While you can initiate these proceedings without an attorney, things can be very different in the courtroom. An attorney’s experience in dealing with such matters in court will come in handy. 

Don’t step back from hiring a lawyer for your case. You have limited time to file a motorcycle accident claim and win a fair settlement.

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